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Sunday, January 09, 2005

I haven't quit

but I have been rather apathetic about blogging for a couple days now. Work last week was remarkably busy, everyone sat on their demands until after the holidays, then dropped their requirements on my desk all at once.

Typical. But I was busier than normal by a long shot and actually was pretty successful spending other people's money on some interesting projects. And I have another project that will be taking up an immediate and inordinate amount of my time over the next couple weeks trying to beg for money for a new program.

And school starts again Monday. This term I am taking my first online class, (Macroeconomics) and so I've been looking at the requirements this morning. For a social butterfly like myself, taking a class alone, in the opulent Wasted Electrons World Headquarters and Ski Gear Closet will be much more difficult than being in a classroom.

But I've got to stay on track, right?

I should be skiing but Noah can't go as he is recovering from his wisdom tooth extractions on Friday. And I just don't feel like going by myself. So today I'm heating up my workshop for a bit of tinkering and then homework when outside gets too cold.

Did you know that the Wasted Electrons 2nd birthday celebration is this week? Gifts will be humbly accepted with thanks. Especially this one.

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